5 Kg White beaded Silica Gel - bulk - tank


White sferoidal silica gel desiccant. Bulk and non-indicating. DMF free

This product comes enclosed in a HDPE tank.

Weight: 5 kg

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White silica gel desiccant. Bulk and non-indicating, DMF free.This product comes enclosed in a HDPE tank which protects them from premature contact with humidity.

Silica gel is the naturally occurring mineral silicon dioxide that has been purified and processed into a beaded or granular form, and is also non-corrosive and chemically inert. It is a highly activated adsorbent tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and chemically inert substance. During adsorption, there is no chemical reaction in the silica gel, and no byproducts are created. Silica gel is non-deliquescent, and its shape and size never change. Its outer surfaces stay dry and it remains free-flowing, even when it is saturated with water.

Silica gel are used to absorb moisture in industrial installations, railway locomotives, air treatment plants,  compressed air systems, etc.. It's possible to prevent system breakdowns due to the build up of moisture.

Silica gel is also commonly used as a preservation tool in libraries and museums. Many of the items stored by these institutions are prone to moisture damage due to their great age.

Silica gel’s interconnected pores form a vast surface area that will attract and hold water by adsorption and capillary condensation, enabling silica gel to adsorb about 40% of its weight in water vapor at 100% humidity. Silica gel will remove moisture at temperatures as high as 65 C°, but it is best used at room temperature (20-35 C°) and high relative humidity (60‐90% RH)

This large  packaging is  specially conceived to meet the demand for industrial and  pharmaceutical supplies on large scale.

The silica gel meets all the requirements of non-toxicity and the absence of contaminant DMF according to EC standards

The price shown is per single drum (including VAT). For larger quantities please contact us to request a quote.

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