Aluminium laminated barrier

The aluminized barrier sheet is an extremely valuable product, a multi-layered metal foil that protects both from humidity and ultraviolet radiation: it is used, in fact, even for extremely sensitive goods.

It is used to coat the packages, completely isolating them. In order to close it you need a special tool, a self-sealing pliers.

Closed in the barrier material, the neck is perfectly sealed and protected. Depending on the type of goods transported, however, it might be useful to insert common silica gel or clay bags inside to avoid problems with humidity.

The external aluminized film guarantees total protection even against UV rays, gas and water vapor.

The material is heat-sealable and it is sold in cut or complete rolls. Roll heights available: 1.00-1.20-1.30-1.40-1.50-1.60 mt

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