Bulk silica gel

You can choose to purchase the silica gel also in bulk format, not bagged in sachets.

To protect it from premature contact with humidity, it is sent in 5 kg sealed bags, or in 500 gram or 1000 gram polyethylene bottles. For large users or for particular industrial supplies, drums of bulk silica gel of 15/20/25 and 30 kg each are available.

bulk silica gel is available in different types:

--> White silica gel - bulk, i.e. the classic silicon dioxide also used for the preparation of dehydrating sachets, but with a slightly larger particle size. It is available in both granular and spherical formats.

--> Indicating  silica gel - bulk, a particular silica gel added with a chromatic indicator that changes color when exhausted. It is present in granular (Brown) or spherical (Orange) format.

--> Drymixx bulk silica gel, a mix of White and Indicating silica gel in a ratio of 85/15%. A convenient solution that allows you to have the visual advantage of silica gel Indicating at a much more attractive price.

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