Moisture grabber

The moisture grabber sachets by Disidry(R) Silicagel are special products, specifically designed as desiccants bags for leather goods and, more generally, in the manufacturing sector - whenever high quality items need moisture protection and/or company want to focus on an ecological and sustainable approach to packaging .

Compared to the other dehydrating sachets, these moisture grabber sachets:

- External bags are made in special non-woven, classified as Material B according to the DIN standard: this means that they guarantee a perfect seal, without dispersion of dust even to a minimum extent.
- They are particularly accurate, suitable for the insertion of valuable products in packaging. Leather goods such as shoes or bags, but not only.
- Also, bags are printed with a flexo technology. They guarantee high-quality print, appealing and without any risk of colour transfer. 
- They are green products: totally biodegradable and compostable, both as regards the paper wrapper and the activated clay interior.

They are therefore the right choice for all those companies that are particularly attentive to their image, who want to protect their products at the best, and/or maintain the higher attention on sustainability.

Each sachet contains 4 grams of 100% natural material (dehydrating clay).

Size: 6.5x2.5 cm

The product is available in packs of 500 or 2,500 sachets. Please contact us if you need order customisation (e.g. your logo printed or special shipping instruction)

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