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ART Sorb silica gel sheets
  • ART Sorb silica gel sheets

ART Sorb silica gel sheets


ART SORB is a type of silica gel which is well suited to the task of controlling humidity in display cases. It is a moisture-sensitive silica material which adsorbs and desorbs moisture in order to offset changes in relative humidity. Its main use is to create a suitable microclimate inside showcases placed in rooms which are either too dry or too wet or subject to a fluctuating climate. 

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10. For larger quantities you can freely enter the number of sachets you need.

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Important information: For most applications we recommend our product "PROSORB" which offers superior properties between 40 - 60 % RH and is much cheaper. But we continue to sell ARTSORB conditioned to 65 - 75% RH (adsorption between 75 - 80% RH is very small and therefore it is almost impossible to condition to RH 80%)

Art Sorb has a unique ability to both absorb and release atmospheric moisture in order to maintain a pre-set relative humidity. Once the volume to be regulated has been determined and the relative humidity level to be maintained has been set, the appropriate amount of Art Sorb can be calculated.

Available in sheets 500 x 500 x 1,8 mm. Dry weight about 160 g/sheet.

Minimum order: 10 sheets

Conditioning: 55% RH

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