• Silica gel bulk mix, 85% white and 15%   indicating 5kg package.
  • Silica gel bulk mix, 85% white and 15%   indicating 5kg package.

5 Kg Drymixx silica gel spherical mix indicating - bulk in tank


Pack of 5 kg of loose Drymixx silica gel enclosed in a HDPE tank.

Mix of spherical silica gel crystals White and Orange Indicating. Grain size: 2 - 5 mm.

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The Silica Gel Drymixx: two products in a single mix for humidity control

Our Drimixx is a particular blend of dehydrating salts which is made up of approximately 85% of spherical white silica gel, known for its excellent ability to absorb humidity, and approximately 15% of Orange silica gel. 

Thanks to the addition of a special chromatic indicator, Orange silica gel changes color when it has reached its maximum absorption capacity.

85% White Silica Gel + 15% Orange Silica Gel with Chromatic Indicator

Thanks to the combination of these characteristics, drymixx silica gel represents a functional and convenient solution for keeping humidity under control: not only does it absorb humidity reliably, but it also informs you when it is time to replace it without wasting time for check its residual effectiveness.


Disidry® Drymixx silica gel is enclosed in a HDPE tank.

Always available for immediate shipping for orders placed before 12.00 on working days. Shipping via express courier.

This packaging is specially designed to meet the demand of large-scale industrial supplies.

The silica gel supplied meets all regulatory requirements of non-toxicity and absence of DMF contaminant according to CE regulations.

The price indicated is per sealed bag (VAT included). For larger quantities contact us for a quote request.


How Drymixx silica gel works

The Drymixx Disidry® silica gel is made up of a White silica gel base to which a percentage of Indicating silica gel (Orange) is added. Cobalt Free Orange silica gel is a highly prized product that stands out from the common white silica gel for its peculiar properties of changing color when it has absorbed the maximum percentage of humidity.

The now exhausted Orange silica gel changes from yellow to light blue in color, clearly and visibly signaling its state of complete exhaustion. This is a significant peculiar characteristic when compared to the common White silica gel, which does not change its visual appearance in the slightest between the dry state and the exhausted state.

Thanks to this mix, a product with an excellent quality/price ratio and high performance is obtained.

Humidity control in different conditions

Silica gel removes humidity at temperatures up to 65 C° but it is preferable to use it at room temperature (20 / 30 C°) and high relative humidity (60-90% RH)

To provide a more precise understanding of the performance of our Silica Gel Orange, some indications are available on its absorption capacity in relation to ambient humidity, expressed as a percentage of weight compared to the initial weight:

- 12% ± 1%: Absorption capacity at a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 20%.

- 20% ± 2%: Absorption capacity at a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 40%.

- 36% ± 2%: Absorption capacity at a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 90%.


Where to Use Bulk Silica Gel: Active Humidity Control

Silica Gel is a highly active product, characterized by exceptional adsorption capabilities thanks to its interconnected pores, which form a vast surface capable of attracting and retaining water through a capillary absorption process.

It is important to note that no chemical reaction occurs during this absorption process, and no byproducts are generated. Silica Gel is non-deliquescent, meaning it does not change in volume even when fully saturated, and its surface remains consistently dry at any saturation level.

Thanks to these unique characteristics, Silica Gel proves to be an exceptional active humidity control tool, capable of preventing significant damage due to mold, corrosion, rust and rot during the preservation, storage and shipping of a wide range of products.

The bulk Silica Gel, not packaged in classic sachets, is also widely used in industrial applications, such as in air treatment, in compressed air or gas dryers, and in transformer venting equipment, with the aim of avoiding problems related at high humidity levels.

Furthermore, bulk Silica Gel is used in delicate contexts, such as museum installations and libraries, where it plays a crucial role in the protection of ancient artefacts. This unique drying agent helps prevent deterioration caused by the inevitable presence of high relative humidity.


Silica gel (silica dioxide purified and transformed into beads) is a tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive and chemically inert substance. This particular silica gel called Orange with indicator is completely free from cobalt salts, in fact since 1998 the European Union has banned the use of silica gel with blue indicator, which contains cobalt chloride, an extremely toxic substance for humans. All our desiccants are free of DMF (Dimethyl fumarate), a substance declared toxic.

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