SET cabinet to protect odors and humidity
  • SET cabinet to protect odors and humidity

Replacement SET wardrobe protect odors and humidity


SET wardrobe replacement, to combat bad odors and humidity, consisting of:

1 bag of coal of 120 gr

2 bags of activated clay of 270 gr. about

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Replacement charcoal and activated clay bags for the wardrobe SET.

WHERE it is used: wardrobes, drawers, shoe racks, boxes, small rooms such as closets and closets, laundry rooms etc ..

Bad odor problems are often linked to the presence of humidity, both in furniture and in small rooms of the house. Thanks to the simultaneous use of bags of coal and activated clay it is possible to intervene on both problems.

The completely natural activated coconut charcoal manages to trap odorant molecules inside itself through a process called "adsorption". This means that unpleasant odors are not simply covered by chemical fragrances, as often happens in classic odor cover products that are found on the market, but are actually absorbed and trapped inside the coal structure.

The desiccant bags of activated clay absorb and retain the surrounding humidity, protecting the environments where they are placed. Clay is an absolutely natural dehydrating product that does not have the slightest contraindication in the disposal phase at the end of its life cycle.

Both products, charcoal and clay, are totally natural.

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