Our company, your ally

Disidry ® Silicagel has been dealing with dehydrating products such as silicagel salts, activated clay (bentonite) and molecular sieves or moisture stabilizers such as PROsorb and ARTsorb for over 10 years.

We have always focused on quality of service, speed of delivery, clear and timely advice on the product.

Today, as ever, the competitiveness and fast times of our economy demand immediate answers and optimal solutions for our customers. Our company offers quick solutions that are as close as possible to the real needs of the customer, both in the quantity and in the type of dehydrating or stabilizing product needed.

With Disidry ® Silicagel you find an ally because:

-> Purchase only the quantity you need, we never ask for minimum order amounts.

-> Purchases products 100% of their effectiveness, certified for the laws in force.

-> Purchases when you want 7/24 through our e-commerce.

-> We ship regularly and quickly around the world.

-> We are at your disposal for customized offers on the most varied needs

Our dehydrating or stabilizing products

In our catalog you will find the classic silica gel desiccant sachets in various formats and with different sachet packaging solutions, the indicating brown and orange silicagel, the bulk drying desiccant drums, specific desiccants for industrial use, chains and container bags for the conservation and storage of various kinds of goods but also humidity stabilizers for museums.

All our products are certified in accordance with the law and free of dimethyl fumarate, an additive declared dangerous by the European Community with Decision of 2009/251 / CE of March 17, 2009.

How can you buy

Through our up-to-date e-commerce, you can buy all the products available 7 days a week directly and independently. All prices are clear and clearly visible. We process orders in 24 hours.

For special orders, large quantities or customizations, you can contact us for a customized offer based on your specific needs.

You can also consult our website www.disidry.it, in 5 different languages.