Desiccant bags 60 g silica gel


Standard silica gel desiccant bags - 60 grams. DMF free product made in Italy. 

Price refers to a single bag. Minimum order 10 sachets.

White Silica Gel desiccant material is in conformity with Technical standards DIN 55473, MIL 3464E, NFH00320.

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit discount You Save
40 12% Up to €3.65
90 18% Up to €12.31

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.

Single sachet dimension: 11,9  x 9 cm  - tickness  about 1 cm

60 gr. desiccant bags are a kind of small packaging for a wide range of applications.

Use it on tackle boxes, photo albums, computer media storage, gun cases, ammo boxes, coin collections, camping gear, backpacks, campers, electronics, etc.

Quantity discount according to the table above. If you want to buy a very large quantity of this kind of desicant bag, go to the special price for 250 pieces. 

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