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Package 20g - 30 pcs silica gel standard - HOME pack


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Standard silica gel desiccant sachets - 20 grams. DMF free product made in Italy. 

Price for a complete pack of 30 sachets.

White Silica Gel desiccant material is in conformity with Technical standards DIN 55473, MIL 3464E, NFH00320.

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Standard 20 gram sachets are a medium-small dehydrating product format. Useful to protect from moisture containers of various kinds with volume content (bags, drawers, medium boxes, bottles, notice boards etc.).

Single sachet size: 9 x 11 cm with thickness of about 7 mm.

Absorption capacity: At an ideal temperature of 23 ºC and ambient humidity of 40% the water vapour absorption capacity of the silica gel sachet is equal to 20% of its initial weight. 

The sachets are all sealed in multilayer aluminum packs in order to preserve the sachets from premature contact with moisture during storage or transport. As long as the sachets are kept sealed inside the packaging, they can remain intact for months.

The Home line is designed primarily for the consumer user by offering smaller quantities of product, suitable for home use and packaged in a packaging of easier management. 

In our particular packaging the integrity of the product is demonstrated and guaranteed by a special indicator of humidity, inserted in each of them, which changes color in case the salts have absorbed moisture during storage.

The 20-gram format is very effective for dehumidifying medium to small containers and packaging in which electronic equipment, cameras, video cameras or any other material that needs to be preserved from moisture is stored.

It is advisable, in case of partial removal of the bags from the package, to reseal the protective plastic bag. Close it carefully and within a short time (e.g. with adhesive tape), it will retain the original silica gel absorption capacity of your bags that have not yet been used.

All our bags are free of Dimethyl fumarate, a fungal additive declared toxic.

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