Sachet 1000 g - 1 pcs silica gel standard Container - HOME pack


Large white silica gel sachets 1 Kg.

DMF Free - produced in Italy. 

White Silica Gel desiccant material is in conformity with Technical standards DIN 55473, MIL 3464E, NFH00320.

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The 1 kg bag is the largest and most effective packaged form of silica gel.

Dimensions (approx.): 30 x 15 x 6 cm thick

Absorption capacity: At an ideal temperature of 23 ºC and ambient humidity of 40% the water vapour absorption capacity of the silica gel sachet is equal to 20% of its initial weight. 

The 1 kg (2U) format is very effective for dehumidifying rather large volumes such as closets, entire rooms or naval containers.

All our bags are free of Dimethyl Fumarate, a fungicide additive declared toxic. The product is normally available in stock. Contact us for more information or for larger quantities.

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