PROsorb in fogli stabilizzatore umidità, anche forme personalizzate
  • PROsorb in fogli stabilizzatore umidità, anche forme personalizzate

PROsorb in bags, humidity stabilizer.

Standard size of the bag 35x15 cm, ideal for 500 g. of PROsorb.

Packaged using an LDPE film and TYVEK 1073.

Pre-conditioning from 35% to 60% RH (relative humidity).

Possibility of other dimensions.

Quotation and order only on request.



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PROsorb bags can be supplied with a pre-conditioning of 35% - 40% - 45% - 50% - 55% - 60% RH (relative humidity).

Composition material: Packaged using an LDPE film and TYVEK 1073, (non-woven PE, dust resistant, robust, vapor permeable).

Dimensions (up to 35 x 35 cm), the bags are printed with the content, the degree of pre-conditioning and the weight, so that they can be used as cassettes.


PROSorb is a particular and precious silica gel that must be expressly used in those areas in which it is necessary to stabilize a percentage of humidity, rather than breaking it down as much as possible to a minimum.

PROSorb is therefore highly suitable for stabilizing the percentage of relative humidity in display cases or other containers that preserve artifacts, art objects, old books, wooden artefacts or any other material which, due to its delicacy or particular historical-artistic value it must be constantly stored in a constant humidity atmosphere.

The function of the PROSorb is therefore to maintain and control the percentage of humidity, preventing excessive levels but at the same time counteracting excessive lowering towards an environment that is too dry, which would cause as much damage.

The ideal level of humidity for most museum displays and cabinets is between 40-60% HR (relative humidity). PROsorb has a unique and exceptional absorption capacity in the 40-60% HR range (see chart) and exceeds all products sold for this purpose.

For this peculiar feature, PROSorb is widely used in the restoration, conservation of cultural heritage and in the exhibition / museum sector, also due to the fact that PROsorb:

It is harmless: the particular silica gel used in this product is absolutely harmless and does not contain chlorides, additives or harmful, irritating or potentially harmful objects. Chemically it is a preparation with the formula 97% SiO2 and 3% Al2O3

Low abrasion: the beads of PROSorb produce less dust than other silica gels.

Compact: PROsorb has a high density, 1 kg of PROsorb occupies only the volume of 1.5 Lt.

Long-term stable: PROSorb retains its absorption capacity longer than other products. After 10 years it was verified that the absorption capacity of PRO SORB had decreased by only about 20% (kept in its unopened package). Values ​​may depend on environmental conditions.

Economical: PROSorb is much cheaper than other products sold for the same purpose.

Temperature Sensitive: PROSorb is conditioned in relation to temperature. PROSorb reacts in the same way as organic materials, so there will be little or no transfer of water vapor between organic materials and PROSorb if the temperature changes. With fluctuating temperatures, this property will protect wooden objects and other organic materials from swelling or contracting. The conditioning indicated on the labels refers to 20 ° C. At 10 ° C the conditioning of the boxes will be about 1-1.5% lower RH, while at 30 ° C about 1 - 1.5% higher RH.

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