• Molecular sieve 4A

125 Kg Molecular sieve 4Å - barrel - 2-5 mm.

125 kg barrel of 4Å molecular sieves with grain size 2 - 5 mm

Molecular Sieve 4Å is a synthetic crystalline aluminosilicate with a regular micropore structure. Molecular Sieve 4Å is the potassium-sodium form of the molecular sieve type A. Chemical Formula: Na2O * Al2O3 * 2SiO2 * n H2O.



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--> 125 kg barrel of 4Å molecular sieves with grain size 2 - 5 mm. We can supply other grain sizes or ångström to order.

Molecular sieves are crystalline aluminosilicates with an open structure of synthetic origin (zeolites) and are thus defined for their property of selecting molecules based on their relative size, made possible by an extremely regular porosity.

Therefore, unlike other adsorbents which have a set of pores and channels of irregular dimensions, in the case of molecular sieves there are pores of well-defined dimensions which guarantee a certain selectivity, being able to choose the dimensions most suitable for the adsorption of a certain chemical compound.

The molecular sieve is classified according to the size of the opening of the pores and cavities, generated by the crystalline structure made up of tetrahedra formed by aluminum or silicon atoms linked to oxygen atoms:

- 3Å molecular sieves - on order

- 4Å molecular sieves - available

- 5Å molecular sieves - on order

- 10X molecular sieves (8Å pore diameter) - on order

- 13X molecular sieves (10Å pore diameter) - on order

For a dedicated offer on 3, 5, 10X or 13X sieves contact us directly


The 4Å molecular sieve supplied by us has a grain size of 2 - 5 mm and is specific for use in drying columns essential in the processing of polymers and molding of plastic products. Due to its conformation, the 4A sieve retains simple molecules such as H2O, CO2, SO2

It can also be used for gas dehydration as the 4Å format absorbs water molecules.

Synthetic zeolites are used as desiccants where a low level of humidity and with short times are required. Furthermore, in the industrial field, they are widely used as air purifiers, managing to break down contaminants and volatile compounds even in low concentrations or in the presence of acids, thanks to their high resistance.

Storage in a dry warehouse under normal conditions of temperature, humidity and pressure is recommended. The molecular sieve is particularly sensitive to air and light.

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