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Micro Bags 0,5 g - 6000 pcs full pack - Food-grade silica gel Tyvek -


Desiccant sachets "Micro Bags" silica gel 0,5 gr, Tyvek envelope certified for food and pharmaceutical use according to FDA and CE specifications.

Single sachet price including VAT. Minimum order: 6000 sachets.

Quantity discount according to the table below.

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit discount You Save
12000 5% Up to €48.36
18000 10% Up to €145.08
24000 15% Up to €290.16
30000 20% Up to €483.60

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 6000. For larger quantities you can freely enter the number of sachets you need.

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Special "food grade" certified Microbag for use in direct contact with bulk foods, food and drugs.

The sachet complies with FDA and CE requirements regarding use in contact with food. In oder to comply with EU requirements, the special pictogram "do not eat" is stamped on the sachet, expressly indicated by Regulation (EC) 450/2009 of 29 May 2009.

This sachet is made with a casing that does not allow the internal desiccant material to escape by sieving and dispersing. The casing is therefore totally sealed and meets the requirements of "Material B" as indicated in the DIN standards, with total containment of silica gel particles.

The material used for the production of the envelope is DuPont Tyvek®. All the writings printed on the sachet are made with biocompatible inks.

Single sachet size: 3.7 x 2.8 cm; sachet thickness: about 3 mm.

However, it is important to specify that use in direct contact with food or food substances (including supplements or drugs) involves compliance with certain requirements, in order to maintain the characteristics of food compatibility. It is essential that the envelope of the sachet remains dry, dry, not impregnated with substances of any kind. The sachet must therefore not be impregnated with the food substance it comes into contact with.

The "food-grade" use for these sachets is therefore only allowed with totally dry foods and molds, free of oily or greasy substances that can stain or otherwise irreversibly impregnate the sachet. In this case, food compliance lapses.

All our bags are free of Dimethyl fumarate, a declared toxic fungicide additive.

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