Activated Bentonite (Activate Clay) - woven non woven bags

Desiccant bags provide an economic and effective way of protecting against moisture damage during transit and storage. The bags are filled with non-indicating beaded silica gel desiccant.
Activated Bentonite ( Activate Clay) is a natural material used for the production of desiccant bags because of its dehydrating capacity.
Activated bentonite is not subject to special regulations regarding its disposal.

Woven non woven bags allow to regenerate the silica gel content

The protection against moisture is achieved by sealing the product in a suitable heat sealed HD polythene bag containing a 100% Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Cards. the color of the card changes from brown to blue.
Desiccant bags of Activated Bentonite drinks up excess humidity from the air. It prevents condensation within enclosed areas which causes irreparable damage: rust, corrosion, tarnish, oxidation, mildew, fungus, mold, odor, spoilage, spotting, toning, stains on stamps & documents.

Can be used for protecting tools, musical instruments, preservation packaging and all humidity sensitive products.