• Activated clay 270 g desiccant bags FULL PACK - 200 pcs

Bag 1000 g with string - clay


Desiccant bag of activated clay (bentonite) approximately 1,000 grams -2U - with drawstrings.

Unit price per dehydrating sachet enclosed in heat-sealed plastic packaging with 8% HIC.

Minimum quantity for sale: 2 bags.

The activated clay-based desiccant material complies with technical standards DIN 55473, MIL 3464E, NFH00320.

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit discount You Save
6 5% Up to €3.45
10 10% Up to €11.52
14 15% Up to €24.18

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2. For larger quantities you can freely enter the number of sachets you need.

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The activated clay sachets of approximately 1000 grams are comparable, in terms of dehydrating capacity, to the 1000 gram silica gel sachets.

Single envelope dimensions: 30x 14 cm with a thickness of approximately 4 cm.

Easy to place

The presence of strings makes positioning these dehydrating bags simple. You can tie them directly to machinery or furniture before packing them for shipping, or use them in special packaging, containers and small spaces.

These sachets contain clay, a completely natural desiccant that is economical and highly effective in its absorbent power, making it advantageous over other options.

How much can clay absorb?

Bentonite is a particular clay of natural origin, whose absorption capacity may vary from one batch to another. For this reason, when talking about bentonite it is correct to report its actual absorption capacity and not the weight or the actual dimensions of the sachet, since these are irrelevant and do not demonstrate the drying capabilities of the product.

This is the reason why between one batch and another the weight of each individual sachet of bentonite can vary by +/-17%, but the absorption capacity is precisely defined.

The absorption capacity for this product is 2U according to NFH system.

Clay bag weight g.

(+/- 17%) g


6 g

12 g

16 g

32 g

65 g

250 g

500 g

1000 g

Dehydrating Units (U)

NFH scale










Dehydrating Units (U)

DIN/MIL scale










Ability to

absorption g. (*)

0,5 g

1 g

2 g

4 g

6,5 g

12,5 g

50 g

100 g

200 g

(*)  The absorption capacity refers to standard conditions of 40% relative humidity with a temperature of 23° C.

This drying material may release a fine dust. Although the maximum permitted quantity of dust that can escape from the casing is 10 mg/u.d., in accordance with the DIN 55473 standard, we do not recommend the use of bentonite sachets with optical equipment such as cameras, lenses, binoculars, etc. as the fine dust, even if in minimal quantities, could create abrasions on the surface of the lenses.



The bentonite sachets arrive sealed in heat-sealed plastic bags directly from the factory, in order to protect them from any contact with humid environments during transport or storage, thus avoiding providing the customer with a product that has already absorbed a percentage of humidity.

Immediate shipping for all orders placed before 12.00/working days.

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