We protect containers from moisture: dehydrating chains

We protect containers from moisture: dehydrating chains

Published : 10/29/2019 - Categories : PROFESSIONISTA , COMPANY

It's called "container rain", it is very frequent and easily spoils goods that travel or are stored inside containers. Even when it is not really rain, then, condensation that is too intense is enough to make the mold prosper, remove the labels, damage the boxes, ruin the goods.

Fortunately, there is a special product, cheap and practical to use, to protect containers from humidity: they are dehydrating chains, also called container bags.

Are the containers sufficient to protect the goods?

Goods that travel by sea or which remain stored for a long time in warehouses (perhaps awaiting customs clearance) are generally inserted in special containers.

The containers have a clear protective function, as well as logistics. The container is hermetically sealed, sealed; we could therefore think that nothing particularly interesting happens in it, that everything remains inert, but in reality it is not.

The container itself remains exposed to the elements and its metal walls amplify the variations in the climate. The direct sun brings its temperature to very high levels and very quickly (imagine what happens inside a simple parked car, which is also equipped with windows, just to give an example) but just a little wind, or nightfall , to lower this temperature just as quickly.

We add that the internal humidity easily reaches 100%: with heat, it rises and becomes water vapor. As soon as the temperature drops, however, this vapor condenses and falls in the form of drops of water on the contents of the container.

In practice, it is raining inside our container. It rains very easily, as strange as it may seem. The phenomenon is frequent and takes a specific name: it is "container rain". And if you don't even get to rain, condensation may suffice to cause damage even for very high economic values.

Damage caused by container rain

In fact, container rain damage is easy to imagine. The labels detach themselves, the cartons get wet, the metal rusts, the wood deforms.

Packaging is easily ruined (with all the logistics problems connected, for example subsequent difficulties in handling loads!) And also the goods contained within them, at that point, are at risk, especially certain types of products.

It is also believed that all this happens with goods traveling, perhaps by ship. But it is not only this: a container that must wait perhaps days in a storage yard is exposed to the same bad weather and the same problems as one traveling in the middle of the ocean. The problem arises from the internal humidity, not from the external one.

The solution: high absorption dehydrating chains

Since the problem is known and very insidious, all containers are already set up to accommodate the solution: all of them, in fact, are equipped with internal slots useful for hooking container chains.

They are "chains" of absorbent bags, highly hygroscopic, with a mixture based on calcium chloride and a vegetable thickener, a material capable of containing humidity, keeping it low.

These dehydrating chains are able to absorb an extremely higher quantity of humidity than those of a common silicagel or other absorbent materials; but this is not their only advantage.

In fact, container chains:

  • They absorb humidity, but they are activated only when the humidity rate exceeds the limit value of 40% (a rate similar to that which we find in a pleasant spring day), which is the threshold value above which the various phenomena can activate degenerative such as mold, corrosion, bad smells, large condensation phenomena.
  • They don't clutter: thanks to their really reduced thickness, they easily hook to the high fixing slots on the sides of the container, without stealing valuable space inside the container itself.

Lastly, let us remember that it is a disposable product. Using new chains for each transport is the guarantee of always having maximum protection inside the container.

How many container bags do you need for each trip?

Unlike other drying products (whose quantities must be established on the basis of precise calculations), the dehydrating chains are sold in standard packages depending on the capacity of the container.

Each dehydrating chain is made up of six 120 g bags and has, at the top end, a solid hook to hang it on the fasteners that are inside each container.

At the time of purchase just choose if you want the dosage for a 20 or 40 foot container and we will already have everything you need to make each shipment safely. Their ease of use is guaranteed by the very high absorbency, and based on the capacity of the container we are sure to adequately protect the goods, regardless of the type of transport.


How and where to order container protection chains?

Obviously, on our online shop. Just refer to the number and size of the containers to be protected and, based on these data, order the right product for your needs. Your order will start within 24 hours of receipt and will be delivered as quickly as possible.

This is the link to the page of our online shop: https://www.silica-gel.it/it/48-container-bags

If you want to receive advice or more assistance, for high orders or other needs, you can call us at 055 8497548 or write us at: info@silica-gel.it

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