The smell solution in your home? The active carbon

The smell solution in your home? The active carbon

Published : 03/02/2017 - Categories : FOR THE HOME , PROFESSIONISTA

How many times did we find a grimace when our nose clashed with a strange odor or odor in our house.

There are many things to choose from: shoe racks, long-time furniture, ski boots, underwear, dirty linen baskets, gym handbags, new furniture, mold and closed odor etc etc ..

There is a solution! Or rather, there are many variations in the trade, which mostly contain unpleasant smells through chemical scents.

The solution we talk about here is simple and natural, it does not cover smells, but absorbs them and holds them: it is active coconut, sealed in comfortable envelopes that contain it.


4 things to know about absorbent charcoal bags


1. What do they do?

They naturally absorb and eliminate unpleasant smells. They do not use chemicals, they do not cover odors but absorb them. They do not have artificial scents.

They are natural, non-toxic, they have no contraindications.

2. How do they do it?

Thanks to the porous structure, characteristic of the activated carbon, so the surface of the coal increases much inside. Through a defined adsorption process, both odor molecules and many chemicals are trapped within the activated carbon structure and remain here.


3. Where can I use it?

Wherever there is a need to eliminate bad smells. From small environments, to counter the closed odor, moisture and mold to cabinets, drawers, shoe makers, campers and caravans, boats, cars, laundries ....

When we want to prevent the formation of stale and stale odors, such as the conservation of "seasonal" or low use items such as ski and mountain clothing, boots, sea equipment (mutes, masks, etc.) Tents and camping products, Christmas decorations, suitcases, blankets and curtains etc ...


4. Do you also fight moisture?

Little, coal by its nature absorbs a small amount of moisture, which is often the cause of bad smell, but is an efficient silica gel ally to counter the damaging effects that moisture and condensation cause. The assembly performs the dual function of absorbing moisture (silica gel) and keeping odorless (charcoal activated) small spaces, furniture and boxes in which they are housed.