Silicagel: a few simple steps to combat moisture in wardrobe

Silicagel: a few simple steps to combat moisture in wardrobe

Published : 06/10/2016 - Categories : FOR THE HOME

At home, for the usual change of season, as well as in shops and warehouses, storing accurately dresses is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises and regain your heads in perfect condition, just as you left them.

Place the clothes and objects inside drawers and cabinets often not enough to ensure that they are properly preserved: the wood and materials that are manufactured the furniture they can not shut the clothes and accessories of the moisture surrounding environments.

For this reason it is advisable to resort to using silica gel to prevent mold growth and keep the fabrics, hides and skins , which could irreparably damaged.

What are the benefits of using Silica gel?

numbersThe silica gel has absorbent properties and disidranti. It protects your clothes and accessories, preventing them from being damaged by external agents.

numbers Non-staining, non-liquid cola, is non-toxic and harmless to people, animals and the environment.

 The silica gel sachets can be regenerated, and then reused a number of times

What to do in practice?

To protect clothing and accessories in cabinets and drawers recommends the use of a silica gel bags in the format of at least 120 or 240 gramswith nvolucro sachet in TNT . 
The number of bags depends on the amount of clothes and accessories that you have to protect .

There are some important precautions , however, that can make a difference in the correct preservation of our garments:

First of all to keep in time as much as possible the effectiveness of silica gel , we recommend to place the silica gel envelopes along with clothing or linens in plastic bags, preferably rather thick, tightly closed . For example the bags that are proposed for the "vacuum" are the suitable thickness. If we want to combine the two, vacuum and silica gel damage does not, indeed!


Another solution alternative to bags, and still useful for those accessories, such as hats or belts or shoes  that are ill are placing in soft bags, are the boxes and plastic containers with lid tightly closed .

Avoid the porous materials, such as tissue or cardboard, that is still leave permeate from external agents from moisture and the surrounding environment.


This small device (use of plastic sacks and boxes) increases the action of silica gel as it reduces the amount of air to be dehumidified : the sachets will only dehydrate the atmosphere inside the containers which held the action of barrier against external infiltrations.

REMEMBER The gel silica envelopes are exhausted! 

Sometimes after months, sometimes after a few days the silica gel stops working . The variability of this condition depends on the amount of moisture that should subtract the environment in which they are placed, and by the fact that there is continuous replacement of air (and thus moisture) from the outside or not. So every now and then to be checked to verify that they are still "working" properly.

HOW DO I KNOW IF AN ENVELOPE SILICA GEL ​​AND 'STILL EFFECTIVE?  Weighs them. Each envelope has a defined weight and a specific absorption capacity, equal to approximately 20% of its weight. When a bag reaches 20% more than the initial weight it means it has exhausted its ability to steal moisture from the surrounding environment and will then regenerated in the microwave.

HOW DO I KNOW IF AN ENVELOPE SILICA GEL ​​AND 'EFFECTIVE AGAIN?   And weighs them.    When the envelope will return to the initial weight means that it regenerated its absorption capacity, and can be used again.

A viable alternative?

For this particular use, with silica-gel bags they can be replaced activated clay, from 270 grams in size . The result? The same effectiveness at a cheaper price.

The clay, by its nature, tends to generate a light gray dust, which does not in any way compromise the objects or the linen with which it comes in contact and that just shake to eliminate. But in situations of products intended for sale, we recommend using silica gel sachets to prevent this possible imperfection. 

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