Save the phone from a dip in to the water!

Save the phone from a dip in to the water!

Published : 03/10/2016 - Categories : FOR THE HOME

We happened with the phone fell into the toilet (never go to the bathroom with the phone in your back pocket) or other proven inattention, water the plants conversing with your smartphone tucked between ear and shoulder, the conversation is over in a ... "glass of water". absurd situation but which often happen, probably to you too!

Ok, now what? In addition to the panic and terror it is possible to try to save our phone? Probably yes!

kit rescue wet phone DIY


1. SHUT!  The first thing to do, just fished the cell phone, turn it off and if it is possible to disconnect the battery, this is to avoid creating a short circuit that would damage permanently and irreversibly our mobile / smartphone / "slice of heart".

2. dried faster: once make sure you've turned off everything and disconnected (where possible) the battery, should be given a quick dry in all the water on the surface.

3. The DIY KIT rescue phone: now is necessary to prepare an emergency kit to try to dry out as quickly as possible the moisture penetrated into the phone.

What is needed:

  • one or two envelopes of silica gel from 240 g new , better if still sealed (or verifying the weight, which must not differ from the one marked on the envelope);
  • sufficiently large box to be able to contain the silica gel bags, over the phone, and that has a hermetically closing the can (usually tupperware or kitchen containers). They can fit even for food bags, or briefcases, sufficiently thick and presenting a closure as tight as possible, type zip.
  • patience and a little dose of luck because, alas, does not always work ... but so often and at least we tried!

What to do: go inserted the phone and the battery in the container / bag along with bags of silica gel, placing them as much as possible in close contact with the desiccant bags, and then be closed on selected container carefully .

It 'very important, in fact, that there is absolutely no passage of air and therefore of moisture from outside inside, so that the silica gel envelopes work at their maximum capacity to absorb all the moisture from the phone.

How much time is necessary? As much as possible, at least 12 hours, preferably 24. The dehydration process in fact is not instantaneous or immediate, and it takes a bit of time because the bags can dry the moisture that is generated inside the container.

The stories that we told you have had both a happy ending, and both the phone that the iPhone protagonists are divided. This intervention salvacellulare is definitely feasible for smartphones, tablets and various "techno-objects" that may have come in contact with little or a lot of water, but the key element is the speed of intervention, which must be virtually instantaneous!

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