Reputation (also) passes through packaging.

Reputation (also) passes through packaging.

Published : 11/22/2017 - Categories : PROFESSIONISTA , COMPANY

The importance of communicating, for a company, passes through various channels. Above all in the relationship with the consumer public, the quality of the product is one of the fundamental elements in the choice, but the difference is made by the details.

Knowing how to leave a mark around the product embodies that difference that will make it better, more reliable and more memorable.

Yes, of course, the box or package bears your brand; adhesive labels or tickets refer to your company website or email, but attention to detail is that element that unconsciously relaxes us, makes us feel safe as a consumer, because on the other side there is a serious and attentive company, so evolved and solid to pay attention to even the smallest detail, as small as the desiccant sachet that protects and maintains the product.

So why not think about taking care of this aspect too, and personalizing your own silica gel pouches or sachets?

There are no limits of size or material to customize the desiccant sachets, just reach an adequate quantity.

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Not all desiccant sachets are the same

Our long experience has taught us that desiccant sachets are not all the same. It is not just a matter of content (silica gel, active clay or bentonite, other materials ...) but a lot also depends on the chosen shell.

For this, we provide different materials and different printing techniques.

The most common, inexpensive and easily customizable sachets are sachets with standard wrapping. For those in a hurry, we can supply large quantities of standard silica gel sachets that carry only the minimum legal information ("do not ingest" and other commonly read warnings). But, for those who want a more refined product, we can customize the exterior with all kinds of prints, starting with your logo.

For those who, on the other hand, need envelopes with a more refined aesthetic, a brighter color, a glossy and compact texture and fuller and better defined prints, find the best solution in the desiccant sachet with Tyvek® wrapping. They are excellent supports for high quality prints and for this reason they are the most frequent choice by those who want particular attention to aesthetics such as high fashion, but not only. In turn, the Tyvek® sachets can be printed with different techniques, which allow different levels of quality.

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