Preserving moisture art objects and collections

Preserving moisture art objects and collections

Published : 02/24/2016 - Categories : MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS

Stabilize the relative humidity:

The humidity inside containers in charge of the conservation of objects and valuable works is a key element in the conservation process. In these areas, in fact, is not the drying or moisture removal the important element, but the maintenance of a given moisture content within certain precise levels.

What is PROSORB?

The PROSorb is a particular and valuable silica gel which has to be used expressly in those areas in which serves to stabilize a percentage of humidity, rather than break it down as much as possible to a minimum.

Where to use it:

The PROSorb finds application in all those situations for which it is necessary to stabilize the percentage of relative humidity inside the display cases or other containers. Objects or artifacts that may be retained are among the most diverse: from art objects, old books, wooden artefacts, but also collections of insects, ancient artifacts or banners or any other material that for its delicacy or particularly valuable historical art must be constantly kept within a constant humidity atmosphere. 

The function of these particular products is, therefore, to maintain and control the percentage of moisture preventing excessive levels, but at the same time counteracting excessive sagging towards a too dry environment that would cause much damage.



  • maintenance works of art / artifacts in glass cases
  • Transport of art works
  • Storage Works and Finds


  • Maintenance and preservation works of art and artefacts


  • Old books
  • Prints
  • Insects
  • Historical documents
  • Ancient tools
  • Wooden objects
  • Ancient weapons .......

Good to know

Harmless: the special silica gel used in this product is absolutely safe and does not contain chlorides, additives or harmful substances, irritants, or other potentially harmful for objects.

Low abrasion: the pearls of PROSorb produce less dust than other silica gels.

Compact: PROsorb has a high density, 1 kg of PROsorb occupies only the volume of 1.5 Lt.

Long-term stable: PROSorb maintains its absorption capacity for longer than other products. After 10 years it has been verified that the absorption capacity of PRO SORB was reduced by only about 20% (kept in its unopened package).

Economic: PROSorb is much cheaper than the other products sold for the same purpose.

Temperature-Sensitive: PROSorb is conditioned in relation to temperature. PROSorb reacts the same way of organic materials, so there will be little or nothing for the transfer of water vapor between organic and PROSorb materials if the temperature changes. With fluctuating temperatures, this property will protect the wooden objects and other organic materials from swell or shrink.

The formats and conditioning:

The PROsorb is proposed at different levels of pre-conditioning: 35% - 40% - 45% - 50% - 55% - 60% RH (relative humidity) , according to the needs of moisture stabilization.

The size ranges from medium or large bins, bags or sheets of various sizes . To be able to perform its function of stabilizer moisture and important that the environment to be conditioned is protected and sealed, in order to avoid continuous fluctuations of environmental conditions related to air passage.

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