It's Christmas, do you know how to protect your Christmas decorations from mold

It's Christmas, do you know how to protect your Christmas decorations from mold

Published : 04/01/2016 - Categories : FOR THE HOME

Here came the much-loved, or sometimes feared, time:  decorate the house for Christmas .

Boxes, bags and sometimes real tangles, emerge from basements, garages or attics. By stocking more upscale than most homemade, the techniques are varied, but l ' moisture and the inkling of "time" can pervade and sometimes ruining decorations , trees and generations of memories tied to this particular time.

The fine silica gel is a good ally to prevent moisture and mold problems even in the store Christmas decorations 

Just have several precautions:

Storing the decorations in plastic boxes (or bags) that may close. 

Because? The cardboard boxes absorb moisture of the surrounding environment , then saturating the bags of silica gel very quickly. Usewaterproof containers it allows you to create an isolated environment and silica gel can "work" properly only by absorbing the moisture presentin the container in which are stored the decorations, keeping them dry and protected.


Evaluate the amount of silica gel is correct and that the envelopes are not dead. 

Because? Often they use of very small sachets , found in the packaging of other products, that  are not appropriate in the absorption capacity. What does this mean? -> The silica gel absorbs moisture on average for 20% of its weight , to which 5 g of 3 or sachets will have a capacity limited absorption , which may be sufficient to protect a wallet or a purse, but not a 'whole box of decorations. 

Another thing important is to verify that the silica gel bags are not dead , otherwise it will not absorb anything. How to do? Pesandole and comparing the original weight if imprinted on the envelope (envelopes which reach about 20% more have seen are considered exhausted) or try to regenerate them in the oven (microwave or regular) engines than the weight down. (PS ATTENTION only bags Non woven fabric can be regenerated in the oven.)

Combianzione use in products that absorb the smell of stale and damp.

more effective support to the preservation of the decorations , especially for preserving from musty smell and stale , is the coal into the envelope . Completely non-toxic it is comfortable to handle with its envelope, and combined with silica gel it allows to keep for months the decorations or the tree itself. Excellent solution for those delicate fabric decorations and fabric that easily permeate the musty smell from season to season .


As silica gel serves?

This depends on the size of the container and the amount of objects that are to be retained, of course the larger the container will be greater the amount of silicagel required.

Ideally we can say that for the plastic boxes (eg. Those ikea 45L) not excessively large 3/4 bags silicagel 60g. each may be sufficient. Weights more substantial (eg. 120g. Etc ..) can still be used, but the regeneration in the oven, if you want to reuse, will be longer and more expensive.

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