Aluminium barrier film
  • Aluminium barrier film
  • Aluminium barrier film

Aluminium barrier film

Black Triplex 125 g / m2 barrier sheet compliant with MIL - PRF - 131 K specification.

The sheet is composed of three layers: aluminum, oriented polyester (12 microns) and high density polyethylene (80 microns).

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The aluminized barrier sheet is a compound of three layers of different materials whose function is to guarantee an excellent level of protection of the goods during storage and shipping.

The barrier sheet is particularly indicated for the protection of delicate and perishable goods or however very sensitive to the high humidity conditions that can be found for example during transoceanic transport in naval containers.

The external aluminized film guarantees total protection even against UV rays, gas and water vapor.

The material is heat-sealable.

Height 120 - 125 cm. roll lenght 400 mt

Height 130 - 140 - 150 - 160 cm. roll lenght 350 mt

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