Clay 65 g 250 pcs desiccant bags


Activated clay desiccant sachets - 65 grams. DMF free product made in Italy. 

Price refers to a single bag. Minimum quantity: 250 sachets

Activated clay desiccant material is in conformity with Technical standards DIN 55473, MIL 3464E, NFH00320.

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit discount You Save
500 8% Up to €16.07
750 12% Up to €36.15
1000 16% Up to €64.26
1250 20% Up to €100.41

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 250. For larger quantities you can freely enter the number of sachets you need.

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The 65 gram sachets are comparable to the 60 gram silica gel sachets as a dehydrating capacity.

Being a product of natural origin, the absorption capacity varies from one batch to another, therefore desiccant bags are not sold by weight but by "Dehydrating Units" (** The weight of the bags can vary by +/- 17% depending on the variability of clay performance

The maximum amount of dust allowed that can escape from the non-woven fabric casing is 10 mg / u.d., In accordance with DIN 55473.

Activated clay is very effective for dehumidifying containers and packaging in which materials are stored that must be preserved from moisture.

The clay packages arrive individually sealed in heat-sealed plastic bags directly from the factory, so as to preserve them from any contact with damp environments during transport or storage, thus avoiding providing the customer with a product that has already absorbed a percentage of humidity.

Packaging in sachets of ** ABOUT 65 g. makes it particularly suitable for small containers of any material that must be preserved from humidity, ensuring a prolonged action over time.

The product is normally available in stock.

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