Odor absorb activated charcoal 120 g - Non-woven
  • Odor absorb activated charcoal 120 g - Non-woven
  • Odor absorb activated charcoal 120 g - Non-woven
  • Odor absorb activated charcoal 120 g - Non-woven

120 g Odor absorber activated charcoal


Standard smell adsorb sachets (activated charcoal) - 120 grams. Product made in Italy. 

Dimension single sachet 19 x 9 x 2 cm.

Price refers to a single bag. Minimum quantity: 5 sachets

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Quantity Unit discount You Save
15 5% Up to €1.68
30 8% Up to €5.37
45 12% Up to €12.08
90 16% Up to €32.22

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 5.

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The 120 gram standard sachets are an average odor absorbing product format. Useful to absorb unpleasant odors in small rooms or containers (shoe rack, medium boxes, cabinets, drawers, dustbins etc.)

Single bag size: 19 x 9 cm - thickness about 2 cm

The sachets are packaged using exclusively charcoal, to be precise, it is charcoal obtained from coconut wood which among all the wood essences has the best characteristics of absorption of odors of any kind.

It is therefore a totally natural product without any additives, essential to fight and eliminate unpleasant odors or odors in bags, suitcases, shoes, wardrobes etc., but also to guarantee healthy preservation of fabrics, artifacts and all those products that can suffer from long preservation.

Odor-absorbing vegetable charcoal sachets are sealed in HD polyethylene packages so as to preserve them from any contact with the external environment during transport or storage, thus avoiding providing the customer with a product that has already lost its capacity.

It is advisable, in case of partial extraction of the bags from the packaging, to re-seal the protective plastic bag. Close it carefully and within a short time (for example with adhesive tape), it will keep the original absorption capacity of your bags not yet used longer. It should not be forgotten, however, that this is not a disposable product.

All our bags are free of harmful or hazardous substances.

Format: in grains

Black colour

Grain size: 0.42 - 1.7 mm (max. 10% outside range)

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